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Highway Inferno VR

 Highway Inferno VR

Players ride different armed vehicles to battle to the death

Action game packed with sniping, shooting, brawls, and royal battles! In this game, the player will select his favorite armed car and start the fight with other players, the one who survives to the end will win .

Post-apocalyptic twisted tour over bullet arenas, Load the guns and dive into mad derby like a squad of special ops! We bring you a game enhanced with machine guns, thrusters, and flamethrowers.

لعبة cyberpunk 2077 CD استعمال خفيف 200 جم

Donkey Kong Now Finally in VR


The game became one of the best-selling arcade machines of the early 1980s alongside Pac-Man and Galaga. The gameplay itself was a large improvement over other games of its time, and with the growing base of arcades to sell to, it was able to gain huge distribution. In the game, Jumpman (renamed Mario) must ascend a construction site while avoiding obstacles such as barrels and fireballs to rescue his girlfriend Pauline from Donkey Kong.

Work out now in the metaverse


A New Way To Exercise

The app is designed to burn calories, improve
strength and get you high on endorphins.

workout as you are in a real  ( GYM ) but without leaving your home

Full body exercise tools

Boxing exercise tools and game.

VR bike rides with tons of real venues for a totally unique experience (places updated monthly)

Attack On Titan (VR)


Your quest is simple...swing with your high tech gear and kill all the titans with your blades to save your city.

You must attack all titans and kill them to go to next level"

“COMBAT!” That’s what screams in your mind instantly when you see these epic giants on the battlefield.

Your high-tech gear enables you to swing in the air and fly at them! Aim for the neck with your powerful blades! CHOP! CHOP! He’s dead.

Horror Game Potrick Snap 3


Potrick Snap 3

Google Play link :

Try to eat all the ice cream in the house without getting caught by Patrick Snap 

New horror adventure game

Scary Spongebob  and evil Patrick Star

Experience the thriller adventure in one of the scariest Horror Games
reveal the secrets of the ice scream monster and try to eat all the ice cream
in the horror house before the ice cream monster catches you.